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What Others Say …

(And They Would Gladly Speak to You in Person if You'd Like)

I would 100% recommend this course if you have a fear of flying! Even though I have traveled lots I've been absolutely terrified of flying my entire life. It never came with ease and was a huge struggle every time. I hated the thought of traveling simply because it involved a plane. Layne has a tremendous knowledge about aviation and uses facts and statistics to prove how safe it is! He takes you on a tour of the airport and will invite you to chat with a pilot! I approached Layne a day before a long flight to Asia which I was dreading, after the course flying was much more enjoyable! I am very thankful for him! - Chelsea

Let me start by saying I would thoroughly recommend this course! Layne has a personal vested interest in seeing you fly without fear!

I can’t say enough about how much this course has helped me. Layne takes the time to ease you into being a more comfortable with flying, with visits to the departure terminal, walk ons to aircrafts with various airlines - having the opportunity to meet with crew and ask questions, watching flying educational videos, and sharing with others in the group – all which helped me overcome my fear! 

Layne truly went above and beyond, sending me texts of encouragement before and after my flights AND on my return back to Vancouver, on one of my first flights after starting the course, Layne was there to greet me (9pm on a Sunday!) – I had tried everything to overcome my fear with no luck before discovering this program randomly online, and I am so very grateful for this program and Layne!!

- Sophie

Almost a year ago I signed up for the Flying without Fear course after cancelling a couple of holidays that I had booked. I knew I needed take control of my fear otherwise I knew it would be a slippery slope and flying would become impossible. After searching around on the internet I found Layne's course and knew it would be the first step! I went to my first meeting and I knew right then and there it would be a good fit! Going on a regular basis and spending time just "hanging" out at the airport I began to feel more comfortable with the idea of flying.

Listening to all the statistics and watching and listening to all the knowledge Layne gave us, I realized that actually getting to the airport was the most dangerous part of the trip! With Layne's continuing support I have now flown to Calgary, Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Los Angeles and taken a helicopter tour of the city! I am still a little nervous, but it gets easier with each flight! It's Halifax in May and maybe Turkey in the fall if my trip to Halifax goes well!  

- Tina

Forty two years ago, I stopped flying. I was an experienced flyer but for whatever reasons I stopped travelling by plane, changing my life drastically. No more flights to sunny islands or visits to my family in another country, I was limited to road trips and trains. Over the years, I had periodically gone to classes, read countless books trying to overcome the fear of flying but nothing worked.

Then, along came Layne and his program at the Vancouver Airport. I was motivated once again to try and get on a plane as I have a wonderful opportunity to visit England and felt if I didn't do it now, it would soon be too late. I don't really know why his class worked but it did. Layne offered knowledge, compassion, humor in his program which gave me the confidence to finally get on a plane and experience a wonderful feeling of success. I also feel that being in a group is very positive as I think we helped each other.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity he provided. I feel that I have my life back. I'll let you know how my trip to England goes!

Bev (Bellingham)

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