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Flying without Fear, Overcome Fear of Flying,

Shorty after Layne Daggett became Chaplain at YVR in 1983, people began to seek his assistance to help them overcome their fear of flying. With his unique qualifications (Masters in Counselling), love of aviation (soloed while he was still a teenager) experience / connections at YVR, and his compassion and concern for people, Chaplain Daggett developed an individualized approach to help people overcome their reluctance to fly.

​Since his retirement in September 2013 and being honoured as YVR CHAPLAIN EMERITUS, he has been able to devote even more time to develop the program. 

One of the first persons to seek help with her fear was Anne Robinson who hadn’t been able to fly for over two decades. Anne, together with her husband, Dr. John Robinson, were passengers on a Trans Canada flight that went off the end of the runway at London’s Heathrow airport in 1963. Because of that incident Anne could only go home to England by train and ocean-liner and consequently had missed the deaths of her parents. After being assisted by Chaplain Daggett, Anne, who is now a Friday volunteer at the Airport Chapel, announced recently that she has taken some 43 flights mainly to England but also to Hawaii, California, Arizona, Ontario, Israel, France, and Ireland . “Although I never will love to fly, but with Layne’s help I am at least able to cope and it has opened up a whole new world for me,” Anne explains.

Why us?

Compare this program at YVR with other techniques and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Recent graduates will gladly share their success stories with you.